We live in a world full of challenges, so why don´t you take our travellers´ one? ESN Challenge is a game developed by the ESN Czech Republic to show you the most interesting places and the hidden gems of your new home country.

ESN Challenge is the successor to the popular CZECH IT! Challenge. Both of them aim to bring the Czech culture, landmarks, nature and traditions closer to you, so you can experience your new home country to the fullest. You are not a tourist, you are an explorer.

ESN Challenge is now open to everyone. This means that you do not have to create a team, but remember, it is funnier when travelling with friends. In ESN Challenge you just have to check in the location and enjoy it, consider however sharing your awesome selfie on Instagram with us (tag us @esnchallenge). You will have a chance to win some extra points. The winners with the most points at the end of the Challenge will be rewarded.


How to play:

  1. Download the app for Android or iOS
  2. Create an account, or log in with Fiesta and fill in the invitation code (ask your local section or us)
  3. Now you can start exploring the Czech Republic and its treasures. Simply go to the location shown on the map and CHECK there. For every check, there are 10 points.
  4. You can post the photos on Instagram and tag @esnchallenge to get the chance to win some extra points. Bear in mind, that your photo can be reposted.

It is as simple as that. Now it is your time to shine. Take your friends, pack a backpack (do not forget a bottle of fresh water) and go exploring all the cool places out there.

Download the App

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The Czech Republic (or Czechia) has a lot to offer. You can choose if you would like to learn something about its rich history, which has played a significant role in shaping today's Europe, see it's beautiful and diverse architecture affected by powerful historical figures and even whole nations, or its stunning nature always offering a quiet place to be just with your thoughts, maybe accompanied by a beautiful view.

Take part in the challenge and find out what's so special about the stepmother (in Czech - Macocha), taste the original Pilsner lager, relax in many spas all over Moravia and Bohemia, become a part of Czech history on the top of Říp mountain, live like a king in Lednice Chateau, admire the highest sculpture in Central Europe, or take some quiet spiritual time in a cathedral or natural park just for yourself.

The opportunity and the country is here for you. Take it, explore it, love it.