Mov'in Europe is an international project of ESN started in 2014, running a multi-format campaign promoting various mobility opportunities to young people, students, and young graduates (volunteering, travelling, learning, studying, internships, working).

ESNers know that mobility is a lifestyle. ESNers know that Erasmus changes lives. ESNers know there are so many ways to live, study, and work abroad. We have to make sure other people are informed about the different opportunities and are motivated to take the first step. It is our responsibility as the members of the #ErasmusGeneration.

Mov'in Europe is implemented by the international project team together with the Mov'in Europe community. It's our way to give something back—to reach the local students and show them how cool mobility is through activities organised by your ESN section!

Find out more:
Mov'in Europe websites
Mov'in Europe FB page