The Responsible Party Program is a pan-European CSR activity of the Erasmus Student Network in cooperation with Pernod Ricard.

In answer to recently published studies examining alcohol consumption habits (“binge drinking”) of the European youth, the Responsible Party program of has as target to promote a more conscious drinking behaviour among young people. The concept is based on the idea of informing students about alcohol, the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption and hints for appropriate consumption behaviour.

The main messages of the program are:

  • moderate consumption
  • don't drink and drive
  • don’t be subject to peer pressure
  • eating is not cheating
  • alternate with soft drinks or water.

The relevance for ESN is the point of working actively against the prejudice that student exchange is just about excessive partying and drinking, and ESN has the possibility to reach not just exchange students but also potential exchange students and students located at their home universities.

The contract between ESN and Pernod Ricard was signed on June 21st, 2010 by the two organisations and it signalled the general willingness of ESN to support this program, which is about students having fun and partying, but in a safe way; also creating healthier attitudes, and avoiding problems of drunkenness, alcohol poisoning and assaults. Over the years the program has been successfully introduced in a multitude of countries reaching over 174 000 students since 2010.

Find out more about this project:
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