Have you ever wished you could do something that would change the world? Welcome to the world of SocialErasmus!

SocialErasmus project was established in Poland in May 2008. The project's goal is to enable foreign students not only to get to know new culture and educational system, but also to involve them in actions for the local community.

SocialErasmus includes volunteering in educational, ecological and social activities. The whole project includes actions on three levels: local, national and international.

Through the fields our actions have, we are trying to promote a social attitude to exchange students all over Europe. By the interaction between students and local communities, SocialErasmus gives the opportunity to the exchange students to help local community in several ways while at the same time they themselves will gain experiences, knowledge, openness and last but not least, love for Europe!

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ESN CZ SocialErasmus events:

  • European Lessons
  • Castle Adventure
  • Organic Farm
  • Walking dogs from shelter
  • St.Nicholaus
  • Karaoke
  • Erasmus and Kids Got Talent

For more information about ESN CZ SocialErasmus activities contact our SocialErasmus Coordinator.

SocialErasmus Coordinators

Eva Horníková
Buddy System Zlín
Michal Nečas
ISC CTU in Prague
Michaela Ondráková
ESN VSE Prague
Alexis Brunet
ESN UP Olomouc
Radka Konečná
Iva Straková
ESN Buddy System HK
Vojtěch Bartoška
Vlasta Petrovič
ESN CU Prague
Michal Mikoláš
ESN Ostravská