Welcome to the Czech Republic! The Czech Republic, also called Czechia, is a small country in the heart of Europe. We have good beer, nice girls (sometimes you can hear that our women are the prettiest in the whole world) and also beautiful nature (we will write about it later) and cities. Do you want to know, which cities we recommend you to visit? Here we go!

Take a closer look at all of those signs of exam period!​

It is hard to believe but the last day of 2017 is approaching faster than we would like to admit. For students it means the end of winter holiday and beginning of exam period, for adults, it is a celebration of achievements over the past year, however, for almost everyone, it means a party.

In just a few days baby Jesus will come with gifts! We celebrate Christmas Eve on 24th of December in the Czech Republic. After dinner we all gather around the Christmas tree and we unpack gifts. But time from morning to evening is so long, so what we do?

Winter Is Coming – takové bylo téma Slovenské národní platformy, která kromě všech slovenských sekcí přilákala i mnoho ESNerů z České republiky.​

In December starts classical before-Christmas rush and buying marathon of presents for people who you love. Shops are decorated with lights, allure on sales and first Christmas lights light up the cities.

The last weekend of October, a group of active members of Erasmus Student Network Czech Republic met together in East Bohemia at the occasion of participating in the great event TRAIN IT!

The times flies and the sun sets earlier. And that's perfect time for watching a movie! 

What is Czech winter like? Did you get a mini heart attack when you were shopping for autumn clothes due to the expenses?

Platforma jako Brno, která se uskutečnila třetí říjnový víkend a dala opět spojila účastníky ze všech sekcí z celé republiky. Nesla se v duchu samotného Brna a nejednomu Pražanovi ukázala, že i mimo hlavní město se nechají zažít skvělé věci.