Our new Web Project Administrator has been elected at CLR Brno on December 16th. It's Josef Klesa and we are super excited about that!

Pepa's home section is ISC CTU Prague and he became known mostly as a very active Local Representative of this section. His LR career also led to becoming a CLR Administrator, in that time a new position of the National Team Members.

What has not been known about Pepa is that this social and funny person is really into IT stuff. What a surprise!

Even though he has been on his exchange in Argentina for the whole year, he didn't stop being a part of the network. He is an ESNer from his whole heart also a few thousands kilometres away.

"There are moments when you are rewarded for helping people around you. Volunteering in the Erasmus Student Network is one of them. Receiving a smile and a simple thank you from an international student is the biggest reward for your effort. And when you are enjoying your exchange year, you are also thankful for everybody that wants to help you even a little bit.

Right now I am enjoying my exchange year in Argentina, on the other side of the world and I am deeply grateful for a student network INFIUBA at the University of Buenos Aires. They made a huge difference during my exchange experience. But you know what is even more amazing? Meeting a guy who had been on an exchange a few years ago in your country, at your Alma Mater and also enjoyed events made by your section. He enjoyed them so much that after his return he contacted a few other students and created a student club, having my section as an example. That was a huge reward for me, being able to send thanks back to my section for their excellent work."

Photo with Fermín Botta, founder of INFIUBA

"Another powerful experience came during a visit at the ruins near Iguazú falls. I just wanted to take a photo with the ESN flag, to send it home as a greeting, but a strange thing occurred. Four other students came along and wanted to take a picture with me, with the ESN flag. Thanking for their exchange experience in Europe, where they had the best time of their life, thanks to the ESN. Yes, ESN is connecting people even outside of Europe, making new friendships, uniting people and creating new experiences. That is a huge deal, and we all are contributing to it through our volunteering."

#Photo in Ruinas de San Ignacio Miní with the ESN flag#

"These moments make me fulfilled with a pride. Pride of being an ESNer. Being part of something bigger, something that is changing the world we live in. Making me believe that volunteering and selflessly helping other people around you is worth it. These moments made me want to participate more. So I did, I applied for a position of the Web Project Administrator of Erasmus Student Network Czech Republic. And I was elected. I want to thank our network for their trust and for allowing me to take a mandate of this very position. Having responsibility for an IT part of our network will enable me to contribute more in a way connected with my studies. Thus allowing me to participate even more."

After he has been elected, what are his plans now?

"Ahead of us are a lot of challenges in the world of IT in the ESN CZ. A lot can be done and improved, and we will jump into it. There is the new Buddy matching system around a corner, mobile application for our international students, new ways of sharing knowledge and new ways of interacting with the most important participants of our Network, our International Students. The world of information technologies is here to help us. And if you want, you can use it to your advantage even without the profound IT knowledge. I will help you with that. So let's get into it and make a difference."

Pepa is coming back to the Czech Republic during February and we can't wait to welcome him here as a new face of the NB in person!

Also, we would like to thank Michael Hartman for his great job. :)