The new semester is here and all the preparations of all the sections are almost over. ESN CZ starts this semestr with the new website, the new projects, events and twice as much enthusiasm. We would like to wish you all the best during the Orientation week/Orientation days/Welcome week/etc and of course during the whole semester. It will be a lot of work. But we can do it! 

You can look forward to lots of events. For example:

  • The Small National Platform in Olomouc with the special teambuilding game for great (and secret) prizes
  • The FIRST National Training Event - Train IT! - in history of the ESN CZ 
  • CEP Ostrava 2014 in the undeground theme with unique halloween party (don't forget to take some scary mask!)
  • The Big National Platform Litomyšl in STYLE - can you imagine 200 people in the castle? It's gonna be huge! Isn't it the cool opportunity to celebrate the 25th Birthday of the ESN? We will see ;)
  • The Small National Platform in the Christmas style to celebrate the end of the other era of the ESN Czech Republic

And much more...