This weekend is TRAIN IT! weekend! It's the very first training event in the Czech Republic led by our President and great OC (Ren, Klári and Ivánek). This event is for 30 participants (15 for each topic) to make this experience effective and fruitful. 

The experienced trainers will teach them the most important things that our sections miss. The National Board found out some critical themes like: 

  1. Human Resources - how to lead people; Program: Recruitment of new members and their involvement in the running section, development and motivation of all members, creating and keeping a culture of section, leadership and people management, delegation of work, dealing with conflict situations
  2. Project and Event management; Program: Project management, event and activity management, tools to facilitate planning and implementation of events, the preparation and implementation of promotional campaigns, monitoring events, fundraising basics, work with risk
Let's wish them the greatest weekend in Jindřichův Hradec. We hope that every participant will find this event successful and useful. Remember - it's not just about gaining experience. It's also about passing them on.
Look forward to the first information and photos from this track!