So, you chose to travel and you don’t know what to do in the meantime? In that case, this article brings you fun and totally safe tips how to spend your time. The difficulty of these tips is set to easy so anyone can perform them even when you are an inexperienced traveller.

1.    Make sure you are just on time
No one likes people who come late but that doesn’t mean you can’t start the entire adventure with… an adventure. It’s always recommended to come to your bus 10 minutes beforehand if you want to be safe. But if you wanted to be safe you wouldn’t be travelling, would you? So why not make it an explosive start? By that I don’t mean blowing up the bus, you wouldn’t get far that way. Everyone comes 10 minutes before, right? So, how about you come 5 minutes before? Does that make you nervous yet? Why not make it more adrenaline-charged from the start. Try arriving 2-1 minutes before the bus leaves. No worries, if you believe it hard enough, there is no way to miss your bus. Right? Right?! In the worst case, you would miss out on your entire trip and waste your money. No big deal.

2.    Take pictures
So, you arrived at the bus station and you still hadn’t posted a status on all of your social media? What about your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter… Friends? They need to know! For starters/beginning take a picture of the station and the bus just in case they don’t believe you. And then of you sitting on the bus, so they see you really did make it even though it was a close call and you got yelled at by the driver. Maybe you should take a selfie with the driver just to cheer him up too. Oh, did you see that beautiful tree? That’s exactly what your Instagram needs. And that hill? Was that grass always that green? That dog looks funny! Make sure you take all the important pictures.When you are done taking pictures and the bus finally leaves the station, you are ready to move on to the next step.

3.    Count trees
You’re just not yet desperate enough to interact with humans but desperate enough not to stare at your phone like a digital zombie. Well, it’s high time to start tree counting. Or any other item counting. Maybe you can move it up another level and count how many things you are counting while counting the things and counting how many countings you have in total of all the items you are counting…. While still counting. So you can count while you count while you count counting. Or just stare at the things outside the window. Yeah, that works too.

4.    Talk to strangers
Counting the countings while counting trees lost its charm for you about 5 seconds after you started? No worries, there are other targets… I mean, equally bored people as you. So, why not make the travel easier on you and them and chat some up? There are plenty of important topics to discuss. Like weather… or… uh… the last meal you had. Or the effects of current developments in the political situation in middle east affecting global economics reflected by changes of shares in Peru. You know, the daily topics of importance. If just talking seems boring to you, you can always spice it up. Start telling jokes to everyone around you. That guy who keeps growling at you probably just has a weird way of laughing. Or, if travelling at night, share the scariest ghost stories you know loud enough so that the entire bus hears you. Did you hear that one about a murderer on an international bus…

5.    Pretend to be a spy
You managed to learn something new about shares in Peru and what people around you had for lunch. Then it’s time to deduce everything you can about people and let them know you read them like an open book. Watch them closely, read every single of their moves and things they brought with them. That guy over there has an expensive jacket and a laptop. He must be a rich businessman, therefore, he must be travelling to one of his company’s partners to make a deal of a lifetime. And that old lady over there. She has a scarf on her head and a huge box that might be a cake. She is most likely visiting her grandchildren. Or the nicely dressed lady that’s walking down the hall to you and politely asking you to stop staring at people like a creep. She must be flirting with you. Oh, wait, no, that’s the bus attendant. You might not be the best at this but you can always try some of the following tips.

6.    Read suspicious books
There is no better reading in a bus than a book called “How to hijack a bus”. You can already see the looks on faces of people around you. What do you mean it’s not a real book? Okay, so how about “Best ways to annoy people travelling with you”. That doesn’t exist either? Well, you could always try “Worst bus accident in history”. It most likely won’t make you feel better about your travels but that bridge really looks durable, so no worries. You just ought to be creative and when done right, you will see a lot of concerned faces around you. Or maybe it’s because you have the book upside down. Well, no one is perfect.

7.    Draw on your friend’s face
The best travels are always done with friends. However, if your stock of friends is low or you don’t want to take them out of the fridge, you should follow our tips from the beginning and the entire bus is full of your friends by now. Like that guy who kept growling at your jokes, he totally loves you! One more thing that you need for this tip is a black pen or a black marker. Or multiple colours. Just pick (or find a new one) a victim… I mean, a friend and do your magic! You can draw an emoticon on his face, he needs to smile more anyway or a really elaborate tattoo. Those things are expensive, he should be happy he got a free one without any pain. If you are unsure what kind of design to use, you can always use Google for inspiration. Just remember, the more embarrassing the better. Don’t forget to post it on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter…

8.    Learn a foreign language
Scientists agree that the simplest thing you can do during a long travel by bus is to master a foreign language. Scientists also agree that when you put “scientists agree” in front of your sentences, people will believe them. Maybe you can’t become fluent in a language during your travel but you can at least learn some basic phrases that will make your survival in a foreign country much easier. Not everyone speaks English after all so be ready for the worst case scenario is not a bad thing. Besides, it could be a great icebreaker. Plenty of people in the bus already speak the language so you can ask them to pronounce it for you to make sure you got it right. And maybe you will land yourself a date. What could possibly go wrong?

9.    Check your luggage
Be sure to check your luggage here and there. Not everyone is as responsible and as polite like you. The ugly truth is that there are thieves in buses and you can never feel safe anywhere. They are just waiting for you to turn around and be gone through a window with all of your important stuff. Did you make sure it’s still there? And now? What about now? It would be better to check your luggage every 5 minutes so that potential thieves see how careful you are. Like that growling guy. He must be from an organised crime group that uses growls as a means of communication. You can’t trust anyone! One wrong move and…. Is your luggage still there?

10.    Walk around the bus
If the bus attendant can walk up and down the bus like no one’s business why not you? Well, okay, there are plenty of reasons why not but everyone needs to stretch their legs once in a while during a long trip. You might take a walk to toilets or just stroll through the hallway. High five your friends, take some selfies, practice the foreign language that you’ve been learning with other passengers, draw something nice on the faces of people sleeping around you and be escorted back to your seat by the bus attendant. Don’t forget to check your luggage when you return! Stare back at that growling guy and maybe sit back down and continue with counting. 


There are so many things you can do to enjoy your time. It’s important to get the most out of every little moment in your life, be it sitting on a bus or waiting in a line. The world is your oyster.


Katarína Senešiová

Press team