You have probably noticed that today is a public holiday. However, have you known why?


For many people, 28th September just means a day off. The truth is this day commemorates significant king representing one of the Czech symbols. We are talking about St. Wenceslas. He was Czech king who cared about our nation, thanks to him we were introduced to Christianity. He also founded today’s famous St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague, for instance. In hard times people turned to him in believe they will be redeemed. Unfortunately, his governance was short and he was assassinated in Stará Boleslav by his brother. After the cruel death, he was proclaimed saint.


This day, September 28th, has been also called St. Wenceslas Day.  St. Wenceslas has become the main patron of our country and you can see his portraits in many places. The most famous is his statue on St. Wenceslas Square in Prague right in front of our national museum. Also, you probably have him with yourself most of the time in your wallet on 20 Czech crowns coin which also includes a sign (freely translated): "Don't let ours, nor future generations perish." His personality is connected to many miracles and legends. One of them says that when the Czech country is in the biggest danger, St. Wenceslas will appear on Charles bridge with a crew of many knights who will protect us.


Even though it could be seen as a regular day, it is supposed to be the celebration of Czech statehood. Nowadays the history is usually overlooked and we are told to live in the present. On the other hand, our history is a part of all of us and we should not forget it. We should take a lesson and make the present even better and always remember our roots and be proud of them.


Happy Czech Statehood Day!

Author: Lucie Váchová