It is hard to believe but the last day of 2017 is approaching faster than we would like to admit. For students it means the end of winter holiday and beginning of exam period, for adults, it is a celebration of achievements over the past year, however, for almost everyone, it means a party.

We may disappoint you but celebrating New Year’s Eve does not probably differ much from celebrating it somewhere else. The most common way how people spend this day is with friends or family at home. Of course that a lot of food cannot miss. The most common are open sandwiches (‘chlebíčky’) or canapés (‘jednohubky’). Eating is followed by talking and summarizing the past year.

Another way how it is possible to spend this evening is going out. There are numerous events which you can attend. From a special play in a theatre to a crazy time in a waterpark. Also, most bars and pubs are open much longer than usual so it is an option where to spend last hours of the year.

The coming midnight is followed by counting and opening bottles of champagne and right at 12 fireworks and burning crackers start everywhere. And thousands of selfies are taken, too. Furthermore, it is common that people make resolutions. Usual resolutions are concerned money, travelling, health, getting thin or eating healthy.

The first day of new year is probably the laziest day of the year. In the Czech Republic, this day is a public holiday simply called New Year. Usually, people do not work so they have enough time to get rest after previous night because let’s admit it, everyone is socially tired.

But you should be careful what you do because one saying says: ‘As you do on New Year you will do all year’. Think carefully about your activities or they might follow you the whole new year.

On the other hand, there is a tradition regarding your future fortune. The first day of a new year you can smell cooking of lentils on most corners since it is said that the more lentils you eat, the more fortune you have in following year. Although people do not eat only lentils, mostly prepared meals are heavy followed by the rest of Christmas cookies and much more so first resolutions are usually broken. Don’t worry, on this day it is forgiven, you can simply start next day.

The rest of the day is very calm. Since the next day for most of us, it is a work day we try to enjoy the last free day as much as possible.

And how about your last day of the year? Are there any special traditions you keep? Let us now!

We would like to wish all the best to the new year 2018 from ESN CZ!


Lucie Váchová

Press team