The third weekend in November is special! And do you know why? Because there is the Skills MeetUp going on! Strategic planning? Finance? Partnership? Leadership? Graphics? You choose where you want to improve. 

We will discuss all these topics and we will dive deeper into them. Everything will be connected to the sections realities and the needs you have. 

A weekend with friends and ESN MUNI Brno is hosting. Wow. We're coming, are you? 

If you want to participate, please fill in the registration form until 15th November. 

How much will you pay? 500 CZK 
What is covered in the fee? Accommodation, coffee breaks, breakfast (Friday dinner is shared dinner, Saturday lunch and dinner is covered by participants) 
When are you supposed to arrive? Friday at 8 pm the latest 
When will it be over? Sunday 2 pm 
What language will the event be held in? It depends on the participants. We can adjust on the spot. 

Let's start!
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Terms and conditions for participation at the ESN Skills MeetUp of ESN Czech Republic

These terms and conditions apply to the participation at the ESN Skills MeetUp of ESN Czech Republic (hereinafter referred to as the Event).

  1. The terms for participation for the Event are created by the organising committee (hereinafter referred to as OC) and the National Board of ESN Czech Republic (hereinafter referred to as NB, ESN CZ). These parties reserve the right to refuse or cancel the participation of any Participant of this Event, should they fail to observe the provisions below.
  2. Registration for the Event begins on 7th November 2019 and ends on 15th November 2019.
  3. Deadline for registration (15th November 2019) is also the deadline for cancelling the participation by the Participant.
  4. Registration fee is 500 CZK.
  5. Payment of the Registration fee is governed by a separate set of instructions delivered to all the Participants in due time.
  6. Registration fee is non-refundable.
  7. Upon notifying the OC and with its authorisation, it is possible to transfer a fully paid spot at the Event to a third party, which is then fully bound by these Terms and Conditions.
  8. Any form of participation in specific parts of the programme for third parties is allowed only with the permission of the OC and/or NB, provided that such participation does not interfere with the Event in any way.
  9. OC and/or NB reserve the right to exclude any Participant and/or a third party from the Event, should they act inappropriately towards the OC, NB, other participants, or any other parties. Excluded Participant loses the right to participate in all official parts of the Event's programme, and loses the right for any refunds on fees they may have paid.
  10. In case of any damage to health and/or property demonstrably caused by a Participant of the Event, such Participant is responsible for covering any related costs in full.
  11. OC refuses any responsibility for damage to health and/or property caused by an accompanying party of a Participant. Covering the costs for such damage is the sole responsibility of a Participant.
  12. Participant agrees to observe the provisions set forth by any related documents and/or guidelines including but not limited to accommodation rules, or internal fire regulations.
  13. Participant also grants the OC and/or other parties responsible for the organisation of the Event explicit permission to make any sound and/or visual recordings of them with no right for remuneration. Participant also acknowledges that the aforementioned recordings may be edited and used for the promotion of ESN CZ without limitations.
  14. Participant may revoke the permissions set forth by the article 13). Such act shall be delivered to the OC in writing upon arrival at the Event.
  15. Participant also agrees to follow any instructions given by the OC, NB and/or other relevant parties before or during the Event.
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What do you need to focus on? In which area you need to improve? In which area need your section help?
Participant data
We have two types of accommodation. Choose, what you prefer.
The Last Information
We plan to have the programme until lunch.
22/11/2019 to 24/11/2019
500 CZK
What's included: 
  • Accommodation
  • Programme, workshops
  • Breakfast
  • Coffee breaks