NP Hrachov 2018

Can you feel it already?

The godlike powers are going to visit the lovely village of Hrachov from 18 October until 21 October 2018 to light our inner fire! Do you want to be part of this divine experience? Register now!

Who can visit the divine village?
As always, each section can send 5 brave men or women. At the moment, we can guarantee 2 additional spots for each section. Both experienced and new members are welcome, enjoyable programme will be provided for both.

Where will you be accommodated?
Olymp was unfortunately already booked for this weekend but don’t worry, the ancient settlement offers two great types of accommodation.

  • Bungalows with rooms with capacity for 2-6 people. Each bungalow has 3 shared bathrooms. Rooms are equipped with heating and electrical sockets.
  • Small cottages with rooms for 5-7 people. These are also heated and there is an electrical socket in each room. Bathrooms are not located in the cottages but in the near main building.

How much will you pay for the divine weekend?
The first 5 members from your section will pay 800 Kč each. The price for additional spots is 1300 Kč.

Preliminary programme

  • Evening: welcome party and a great feast provided by the OC. We are going to test the pig grill and enjoy some barbecue.

We highly recommend you to come on Thursday because the official programme of the platform starts on Friday morning.


  • Morning: OC programme, registrations and first workshops
  • Afternoon: workshops and plenaries
  • Evening: info market and fun activities with international guests


  • Morning: small sessions and MYCM
  • Afternoon: plenaries, more small sessions, MYCM and OC programme
  • Evening: the grand finale of the OC programme, Stars of ESN CZ


  • Morning: MYCM
  • Afternoon: departures and trips with the OC

You will be provided with breakfast, lunch, dinner and two coffee breaks every day. Thursday’s accommodation, dinner and Sunday’s lunch are not included in the registration fee.

  • Place: RS Hrachov
  • Date: 18. 10. - 21. 10. 2018
  • Number of spots: 180 (5 + 2 per section)
  • Registration fee: 800 CZK / 1 300 CZK / 60 € (Thursday 400 CZK)
  • Deadline for registration: 30. 09. 2018
  • Deadline for payments: 10. 10. 2018

In order to register, you have to be logged in on this page using ESN Galaxy. If you are not sure what it means, please contact your LR or Vicepresident of ESN CZ (

18/10/2018 to 21/10/2018
800 CZK / 1 300 CZK / 60 €
What's included: 
  • Everything except Thursday’s accommodation, dinner and Sunday’s lunch.
Contact details: