Don’t waste time trying to make everything fit into one little suitcase when preparing for your  move. Bring as many luggage as you need, at the lowest cost. Eurosender offers simple and  reliable shipping services, helping more than 500,000 students organise their move when  studying abroad. They collaborate with multiple international courier companies to make sure  you always find the right shipping service for your needs, whether you are sending a suitcase, a  package, an envelope, or organising an entire relocation.  

Use the promo codes below  to save when shipping packages or relocating anywhere in Europe. 

What do you get when shipping with Eurosender?  

Besides having unbeatable prices and shipping discounts for students, Eurosender offers several  other advantages, such as:  

  • instant shipping quotas - without hidden costs!

  • free basic insurance included in the price

  • door-to-door deliveries for greater comfort

  • global reach - ship to any country in the world

  • if you are in a hurry, choose urgent delivery Express shipping

How to use your shipping discount on Eurosender?  

  1. Go to

  2. Choose the countries from and to you wish to send

  3. Select the type of delivery service you need. Choose Packages for parcels and luggage and luggage or Van Delivery for relocations.

  4. Enter the shipping details

  5. Choose your payment method and enter the applicable code

If you need further information about the shipping services for students, 

check out the Eurosender page 

What can you send?  

When shipping with Eurosender, you can send almost anything! These are some of the items  most shipped by students while moving abroad or back home – check their guides to find out  how to pack your belongings before shipping:  


Check everything you can send